July 2015: Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc. Successfully Completes First Year of its DOE Phase II STTR Biomineralization Research Project

Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc. (MET) has successfully completed the first year of its two-year DOE Phase II STTR biomineralization research project. MET is teamed with the Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) at Montana State University for this project. Highlights during the first year included:
  • MET has developed “fracture fixtures” for laboratory use, which are intended to simulate real-world biomineralization applications such as difficult-to-seal gaps between well casing and cement, cement and shale, proppant-filled fractures, etc. This allows biomineralization laboratory tests to be performed under controlled conditions to allow more rapid process optimization and better process understanding.
  • MET has successfully biomineralized numerous test configurations in the laboratory as part of the process for optimizing time and material usage in field applications. 
  • MSU has collected samples from Yellowstone Park and other locations and isolated numerous microorganisms capable of functioning at higher temperature ranges (i.e. thermophiles). These organisms are being evaluated for ureolytic activity.

  • MSU successfully biomineralized several composite cores consisting of cement and steel interfaces.

MET and the CBE are scheduled to complete the project in July 2016. MET is actively looking for oil & gas industry partners to move the technology into field application. Please contact Randy Hiebert (rhiebert@mt-emergent.com), MET Vice President, for further information.


Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc.
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