August 2015: Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc. Wins Federal Contract for Development of an Improved Diffusive Microbial Sampler

MET was awarded a contract by the U.S. Geological Survey for development of a prototype improved diffusive microbial sampler (DMS). The project will develop a better, more reliable DMS for field sampling and studies. The DMS will be loaded with a test matrix and nutrients, lowered down a well to a test zone of interest, and left there for an extended period to allow growth of bacteria and biofilms. At the end of the test period, the sampler will be retrieved, maintaining in situ conditions, for transport to a laboratory where chemical and biological samples can be obtained under controlled conditions. MET believes there is significant commercial potential in this device. The prototype is scheduled to be delivered to the customer by the end of January 2016. Please contact Randy Hiebert (rhiebert@mt-emergent.com), MET Vice President, for further information.


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