Montana State University Completes First Successful Field Demonstration of Biomineralization Technology for CO2 Sequestration

In April 2014, Montana State University (MSU) completed a field demonstration of biomineralization technology in a deep sandstone formation in Alabama.  This project was part of the Department of Energy Project entitled “Advanced CO2 Leakage Mitigation using Engineered Biomineralized Sealing Technologies”.

MSU is partnered with Montana Emergent Technologies (MET) for another biomineralization project, the DOE-funded Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) grant entitled “Using Biomineralization Sealing for Leakage Mitigation in Shale during CO2 Sequestration.”

The MSU field project in Alabama consisted of perforating an existing well casing at 1,118 feet below ground surface. A packer was then set to isolate the perforated zone and the formation was hydraulically fractured.

Chemicals and microbial suspensions were mixed on surface and delivered to the isolated zone using a pulsed injection strategy.  Numerous calcium injections and inoculations were pumped into the formation over several days.  After a number of days it was no longer possible to inject fluid into the sandstone formation and it was considered sealed. 

To our knowledge, this Alabama field test is the deepest successful application of biomineralization technology in the world.  MET congratulates MSU on the success of sealing a sandstone formation using biomineralization and we are excited about the prospect of further developing the technology in shale. 

MET Vice President Randy Hiebert assisted with the field demonstration.  Please contact Mr. Hiebert for further information at 406-498-8312 or RHiebert@MT-Emergent.com.







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