Biomineralization Technology

▪ Utilizes naturally-occurring microorganisms to seal underground formations.

▪ Results in the formation of calcium carbonate minerals (e.g., calcite) and other carbonates to seal sandstone, shale, and other formation types.

▪ Stabilizes and strengthens geological formations

▪ Seals wells, stops CO2 and hydrocarbon leaks, redirects water flood to produce additional oil, and stabilizes previously fractured formations to enable additional hydrocarbon recovery through refracturing and eliminating the need to drill another well.

▪ Augments existing sealing technologies and seals cracks and fissures ranging in size from 2 microns to 1 mm, unlike cements, which are limited to larger fractures.

▪ Results show that sealed fractures can be stronger than surrounding formation.

Calcite sealing shale core

 SEM of microorganisms forming calcite

Shale core "glued" together with calcite


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